Who should wear clip on earrings? Well, clip on earrings aren’t only for the unpierced ears. Clip ons have always been on the sideline, but have recently made a huge come back. At LORI-LORI we’ve been selling them since 2021, and recently, thanks to our viral TikToks, we’ve seen a huge growth in its popularity.

Most people use clip on earrings to participate in several earring trends, without actually getting their ears pierced. But looks isn’t the only reason why some choose clip on earrings. Many people choose clip on earrings for cosmetic and medical reasons as well.

1. You don't want to get your ears pierced. Some people don’t want to get their ears pierced. And to be fair, I totally get you. I once ended up at the ER after I got my ears pierced, because of a heavy allergic reaction. My body rejected the piercing and my whole throat, neck and face started to swell. So honestly, I do get why you wouldn’t want to put yourself trough this discomfort only to have a cute ear stack. It just may not be worth it to you, which is totally fine. Thanks to LORI-LORI, you don’t have to miss out on trendy earrings. You can always opt for pain-free and comfortable clip on earrings.

2. Your piercings closed. Maybe you already pierced your ears a long time ago, and now, right when you wanted to start wearing earrings again, your piercings closed up. Since you don’t wear your earrings that often, you don’t want to get your pierced again. We get that. Time to get some clip on earrings for those special occasions where you do want to wear some earrings. Clip on earrings for weddings or clip on earrings for special occasions is always a good idea.

3. You have an allergy. Many people suffer from metal allergy. You probably can’t find earrings that are comfortable and don’t make your ears red and swollen. Clip on earrings are the solution to metal allergies. Our c-clip clip on earrings are made with a resin clip. This way, no metal will touch your skin, making them completely safe to wear with allergies.

4. You have stretched or split earlobes. One of our employees is doomed with stretched earlobes and let me tell you, that isn’t fun. Before she started working at LORI-LORI, she wasn’t able to wear earrings because she was so scared her earlobes would split. Stretched earlobes are caused by heavy earrings. If you want to prevent split earlobes, clip on earrings can be an awesome solution. Also, if you already have stretched earlobes and you’re scared they will split, you can easily wear clip on earrings over your piercing, so they cannot split.

5. You have keloids or tissue scarring. If you’re struggling with keloids or scarring, clip on earrings are it for you. This is the best option if you still want to wear earrings without any discomfort. Keloids are very common amongst those who had their ears pierced. When you get a keloid, it can take several months before it heals. With clip on earrings, you avoid the risk of getting keloids or scarring and if you already suffer from one of these, getting your ears pierced again simply isn’t an option.

6. You're not ready to commit. Clip on earrings are also a great alternative if you already have some piercings, but just want to try something new. Maybe you want a third piercing or a helix, but you’re not ready to commit just yet. You want to make sure you like the look on you, especially with a helix, because it can be quite painful and the piercing is pretty visible when you’re not wearing an earring.

Clip on earrings are made for everyone. Clip on earrings can be beneficial for a lot of people, whether you suffer from keloids, don’t want to commit, have stretched earlobes or simply don’t want to get your ears pierced.

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