LORI-LORI is carefully balancing playfulness with classic design.
The brand translates its fascination with classic pieces and playful beads into the LORI-LORI jewelry collection. Each piece is made using natural freshwater pearls. Because of the natural materials, no two pieces are truly alike. 

''Born in 2002, I graduated highschool in 2020 and attended law-school in 2020 shortly after I graduated. After a few months, I quit to pursue my dreams of having my own jewelry brand. I founded LORI LORI the brand in the beginning of 2021 to share my creative work and vision with others. I believe that everything that is done by heart is done well. At LORI-LORI, we strongly believe handmade goods have an expressive quality that can't be replicated any other way.'' 



Loris | founder LORI-LORI